Cobalt Blue KOR One Elliptical Water Bottles | 25 oz

SKU: AC-K2846-single


Product Description

The elliptical shape of the Cobalt Blue KOR One bottle tapers toward the top to create a sophisticated and iconic product. Available in 7 colors, including this special edition Chrome, a crystal clear water bottle in a highly reflective golden-silver coated trim. Inside the lid of each KOR One bottle is a KOR Stone - a tiny reminder of what inspires you. Even before you discover the KOR Stone, you'll notice the oval shape and comfortable handle and exceptional styling. This is no mere water bottle; it's a hydration vessel. Custom printed KOR Stone information available here. KOR believes in sustainable hydration: the concept that not only is hydration important to your health but how you hydrate is important as well. Not only for your health but for the health of the world. KOR vessels are designed to be functional and attractive with the belief that a well designed, beautiful product will be used longer, lowering landfill waste over time.

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    • Production Time: 7 Days
    • Minimum Quantity: 96