Why you should design your own custom mugs

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There is no doubt that we all enjoy a nice hot or cold beverage from time to time, and we can form deep bonds with the drinkware we select! Therefore, it should come as no surprise that custom mugs are a great way to raise awareness of your business, organization or event, and make excellent gifts too.

How can you use custom printed mugs?

Designing your own custom mugs according to your unique vision can turn them into a much-treasured item, whether you use them to commemorate a personal event, such as a wedding or anniversary, or you use them as part of a brand recognition strategy. Personalized travel mugs are an especially great investment if you are thinking about boosting your brand credentials because these are products which are routinely taken out of the office or home and can get your slogan or logo seen by a lot of people on a daily basis. What’s more, with vast amounts of waste generated from disposable coffee cups, seeing your brand on a reusable mug will highlight your eco-friendly credentials.

How to personalize your mugs

You can personalize your mugs to your needs with catchy slogans, bespoke messages, your business’ logo or photo art that celebrates a particular event. The important thing to consider when designing your custom mugs is that they should be reflective not just of you or your brand, but of the person using them. So if you are giving mugs as wedding favors, consider using nicknames or sayings associated with each individual recipient. If you are giving them away as promotional materials, perhaps to customers or employees, consider a heartwarming message of thanks for a recent success. After all, this is what will turn a standard throwaway mug into something that earns a rightful place on the kitchen counter mug tree for years to come.

What do you need to make a custom mug?

The best part about designing a custom mug is how easy it is. Once you have found a reputable supplier, all you have to do is select your style of mug, pick a color or palette, and get personalizing according to your needs. Lacking graphics? Don’t worry, when you partner with a quality mug producer, you will have a variety of high-quality graphics and fonts to choose from, on top of a vast range of design templates that can provide you with more inspiration.

Invest in custom printed mugs today

At Waterbottles.com, we have a range of customizable drinkware available. Our custom mugs are available in travel mug, coffee mug, stadium cup, stainless steel cup styles and more. To discuss your needs, get in touch today.

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