Why you should always bring promotional water bottles to tradeshows

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Promotional water bottles and other promotional drinkware are a wonderful investment for your company, particularly if you are trying to boost your brand image or make a strong impression with new clients. They are particularly helpful to have on hand if your company is going to a trade show. At a trade show, you will be vying for attention with hundreds of other companies, so you need something that will make your company memorable to visitors. Custom water bottles make great gifts with purchases or even free gifts for visitors. Here’s why promotional drinkware makes a big impression at trade shows.

It’s something visitors will reuse

When trade show visitors receive a custom mug, tumbler, or water bottle, they are going to hang onto it. After all, you can never have too many of any of these items, and they are particularly handy for traveling. Trade shows can be very tiring, and visitors will want to drink more water to stay hydrated. When potential clients reuse the water bottle they get at the trade show, they will be reminded of your brand and subconsciously more motivated to work with you again. They will also be putting your brand name out there when they use the product in public.

It shows that you care about the environment

So much of going to a trade show is about improving your brand image and visibility. Every brand wants to make an impression as a caring company, and water bottles are a good way to do that. Reusable water bottles are very environmentally friendly, so they really make a good impression and show that your company is conscious of this important issue.

They stand out from other promotional products

The other companies at the trade show are sure to bring their own promotional products as well, so you need to make sure that the ones you bring make a statement. When everyone else brings t-shirts or pencils, you can make a splash by having high-quality custom water bottles, tumblers, or mugs. When word gets around that you have great swag at your booth, visitors will be sure to stop by and say hi.

If you have a trade show coming up, now is the perfect time to order some new promotional products. Try switching things up with custom water bottles, tumblers, or mugs to make a real impact at the event.

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