Why take promo items to your next trade show or event?

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Trade shows are packed with promo items, but is it worth the investment for your company? Consider these benefits.

Draw attention to booths

People like to get free things for their time, so having promo items at hand to give out to visitors is a great way to get eyes on a booth that may otherwise struggle. If the promo items are nicely designed enough or unique enough to really make an impact, people will ask about them and show up just for the promo item. This is a valuable source of traffic if you’re starting off from a weak position at a particular event.

Remind prospects you exist

Prospects can quite quickly forget you exist, even if you give out business cards or contact information in some other format. A promo item, particularly a useful one, gives a constant reminder of your existence – one which features your name and contact information prominently.

Encourage word-of-mouth

Giving away free custom items can quite easily encourage word-of-mouth about your company, even after a trade show ends. Good graphic design, logos, or other marketing design can make a promo mug or tumbler something friends, coworkers, or acquaintances ask the recipient about. This immediately gets them talking about your booth, your company, and your product.

Easy first action

Taking the effort to sign up for a newsletter or watch a demo to receive promo drinkware at a trade show may not seem like a massive investment from a prospect, but it’s still trading time for something you have to offer. So long as you make the most of the opportunity and offer up a nicely designed item for their effort, you’ve crossed the ‘first action’ barrier with barely any effort or investment. The next action will be far easier.


If you just want to get your name, your logo, or your product out there, giving away decent promo items is a good way to start. It can also be a potent way to shape your image if you get creative with your design and choose your type of drinkware wisely; a coffee cup, a water bottle, and a tumbler all send fairly different messages.

Learn more

If you’d like to find out more about promotional mugs and other promo drinkware, contact us today at waterbottles.com. We’ll be glad to hear from you!

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