What type of drinkware should you use to promote your business?

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Maybe your company is hosting an event, perhaps you’re attending one yourself, or you could be celebrating the launch of your new business venture. Whatever you have planned, you need an effective way of promoting your business, and custom drinkware is the ideal solution. Giving away something that can be used over and over again will help to spread your company’s name far and wide.

Take a look at the following examples of events for ideas on the type of drinkware you could use to best promote your business.

1. Glassware at a bar or restaurant opening

Opening a new bar or restaurant? One of the best ways to celebrate is by having a drink with family, friends and colleagues, so it makes sense to use drinkware to promote your business’s launch. Invest in a range of glassware with your establishment’s name on it, from custom tumblers, wine glasses and cocktail glasses to beer mugs. You could also give away branded shot glasses as mementos of the night and to remind your customers to keep coming back.

2. Water bottles at sports events

Your charity may be hosting a local sports day to raise money, or perhaps your company is sponsoring a sporting event. Athletes and spectators alike will need to keep hydrated throughout the day, so supply them with custom water bottles, sports bottles or bike bottles with your business’s name and logo printed on them. Having athletes photographed with those branded bottles will raise awareness of your business and boost publicity.

3. Coffee mugs at careers fairs

At careers fairs or anywhere else you may be showcasing your business, you need to make sure your company stands out in a sea of competitors. When students return home with a bag full of freebies from lots of different companies, they will most likely remember the name of yours if you give them something they can make use of long after the fair has finished. That’s why you should consider supplying custom mugs – perfect for having a cup of coffee out of while beginning their job hunt, and where do you think they will apply to first?