What to do before you add drinkware to your marketing campaign

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Large companies such as Coca-Cola realize that incorporating promotional drinkware into their campaigns has the effect of significantly improving their sales. In fact, the ‘share a Coke’ with a friend campaign where customers had the opportunity to purchase Coca-Cola products with personalized names on mugs and bottles led to a 2% rise in soft drink sales worldwide. That said, there are a couple of aspects that one must look into when choosing to incorporate promotional drinkware as a means to promote and drive the agenda of integrated promotions.

1. Research the target market

It is imperative to conduct thorough research before executing creative ideas that promote the campaign. The main aim of this is to find out and have an insightful idea of what the target market wants – a straightforward way for a company to make losses is by purchasing promotional equipment that does not interest the customer.

Good examples include promotional water bottles to be handed to athletes coming with a rubber grip that prevents slipping. The bottles themselves should be light in weight and colored using dull color. A marketing campaign that does not find out about these important specifications could end up manufacturing water bottles that no athletes want.

2. Make a personal connection

In advertising, customers find personalized things such as custom tumblers, coffee mugs and water bottles downright irresistible. As such, every marketing campaign driven by the objects as mentioned above should figure out a way to get eye to eye with the target audience in a bid to find creative messages that ultimately resonate with the mind of the customer.

This aspect of advertising is unique because it separates a campaign from the millions of advertisements that surround the customers. The colors used are also important. Campaigns such as The Green Initiatives often brand all their promotional merchandise green, because it conforms to the agenda of the campaign.

3. Customers should drive the success of the campaign

Incorporating digital trends to physical merchandise is possible. In fact, the use of things like hash tags that carry a particular message resonates with the customers as it allows them the opportunity to tweak the hashtag online and create a global trend. However, giving customers a hashtag isn’t enough. The campaign managers should themselves participate online using endorsements and promotions to keep the trend alive.

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