Water bottles as new marketing opportunities in 2018

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As a new year starts, you could think about using a wide range of different products, from custom tumblers to promotional coffee mugs, and many more, to present your marketing message. To help you make the most of such opportunities, here are three key questions to consider:

What do you want to say?

You may simply want to present your logo on a branded product, to act as a recognition point for people who already are, or might consider, using your products or services. However, there are also alternatives, such as making sure your web address is to hand when potential customers require what you provide.

You might have a memorable slogan that you want to catch people’s attention on a regular basis. You may also be looking for a shorter-term promotional campaign to launch a new department, product or service. Custom created tumblers, glassware, mugs and the like can deliver your message quickly, concisely and consistently.

Where do you want to say it?

You might want to introduce your company or organization into a new geographical area. Equally, you may be wishing to carry out a promotion at a specific event. Placing a promotional product into potential customers’ hands helps gain the recognition you require. Equally, the ‘where’ might be inside a customer’s business, keeping your logo identification or key message right in front of those who need to remember it.

Who do you want to say it to?

You might be presenting your message to those who would expect it to be delivered with style and substance, like senior executives. Alternatively, you may want a rugged and practical promotional item, one that can be used and reused as people live their busy and active lives.

How best to say it?

This is where our wide range of products at Waterbottles.com can deliver the answers to the above questions. The result will be a promotional or advertising product that is tailored to your requirements, from serious to fun, and is always practical in its use. If you’d like to discuss your needs, please call our friendly team for free today.

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