The twelve glass gifts for Christmas!

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As the festive season approaches, many companies wish to send gifts to their customers. As we have all been known to enjoy a festive tipple (alcoholic or non), then the choice of a glass or two to use at that party or to keep at home might be most welcome. Here are a dozen possibilities to consider, emboldened with your logo and ready to stand the test of not just Christmastime. You might add a bottle or two of beer, spirits or wine to complete your own gift set, or simply offer them on their own. So, let’s look at a dozen great choices…

For that toast or draught

We’ll start with a 16oz Wall Tapered Player Glass, perhaps a Pilsner Tall Glass, or a more substantial Tankard. Each would offer a cool look for a long, cold drink. Of course, this could equally be enjoyed in a 15oz Glass Sports Mug. Something short and sweet, or smokey and warming, would always be a holiday favorite; so would a classic 1.75oz clear shot glass. As you would expect, there are also many stemmed and stemless wine glass possibilities; either as stand-alone gifts or to pair with any wine choices you might be providing for those key customers.

Alternatives to alcoholic drink holders

For that reviving coffee, or perhaps a refreshing brew of herbal tea, checking out our 20oz Haworth or 16oz Tapered Glass Custom Mugs would offer a couple of standout alternatives to the more traditional ceramic choices. For more secure holder, an option of screw-lidded vintage glass Mason Jars might be a welcome gift for future use in places such as high-tech office environments where spills are not advised!

How about a terrific glass gift set?

If you would like to offer that little bit more as a seasonal gift, or perhaps prefer a non-booze themed possibility, then an Italian-made Gift set, comprising a single glass seal tight wall water bottle with its swing stopper and a pair of stylish glasses might better fit your gift needs. The 34oz bottle is also available as a stand-alone gift.

Which would you choose as a festive gift?

The above are just an approximate dozen of the so many possibilities for the custom tumblers, water bottles, glasses and such that would surely be a welcome – and useful- festive sign of your appreciation.

Take time to browse the options, and find brilliant ways to effectively promote your business across the holiday season – and the year ahead…

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