Start the new year right with custom glass water bottles!

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Glass bottles have been used as vessels to store and transport liquids for more than 2,000 years. Although we do offer plastic water bottles in many safe, high-quality designs, plastic isn’t always the better choice, especially when you want to present your message in a stylish, extravagant and lasting way.

Glass is timeless. But that’s not all, here are some other benefits of glass water bottles:

Protect people and the environment

Given the perceived fragility of glass, it’s understandable if you initially doubt that glass could ever be the best option for your water bottle needs. That said, commercial glass development has changed greatly with technological advances. Our inventory of glass water bottles includes shatter-resistant products and designs that feature easy-to-grip, non-slip silicone bottoms, sleeves and/or carabiners that make them safer to handle. Additionally, glass water bottles don’t outgas chemicals that can cause health problems, make beverages taste off or damage the environment. Since glass doesn’t degrade in quality like plastics when remade into new glass products, it’s also more cost-effective and puts less strain on natural resources over time.

Make a unique and memorable statement

Whether you need custom water bottles for on-site use or a promotional or gift solution, we offer a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and surface textures, including small and wide mouths, milk bottle styles and wine-serving options. Do you need to generate positive buzz about your business in a region that experiences cold, snowy weather this time of year? Our geometric glass water bottles, for example, feature an ice-like pattern that matches the season perfectly. No matter the product that you select, our design team can then make it uniquely yours with custom full color print and/or etched images and messages.

Enjoy plenty of gift options

After the rush of Christmas, we often find time to look ahead to upcoming engagements, events and celebrations, which makes New Year a great time for planning your gift giving. Beyond gifting individual glass water bottles, you can also find plenty of custom glass water bottle gift set options. Our selection includes the H2go Giara/Old Fashioned Gift Set that features a 32 oz. Italian-made, single wall glass wine bottle with a swing-top stopper and two 14 oz. old fashioned glasses. For a more unique, personalized gift set, pair the Giara or any of our glass water bottles with other customizable glassware, such as wine, stemless or shot glasses, acrylic tumblers or mugs.

Our wide range of premium branded drinkware coupled with a dedication to service focused on customer satisfaction made one of the fasting growing companies in America in 2017, which earned us the distinction of being named an Inc. 500 Company. As such, businesses and organizations know that can fulfill their custom drinkware needs. The ADA, Coca-Cola, DHL, Google, Harvard, Ikea, Lowes, Methodist Children’s Hospital, National Guard, Porsche, SpaceX and Tesla have all turned to our experienced and creative sales and design staff for help with increasing their brand recognition and success. Call today to select one or more of our high-quality custom glass water bottle products to help your business achieve the same goals in 2018.

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