Promote at corporate events with custom water bottles

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Most businesses use promotional items to reach out to customers and business contacts, but they can be equally beneficial when distributed at corporate events. Employees and their families can make great use out of custom water bottles while you’re benefitting from even more promotional advertising.

Which corporate events?

If your company does charity runs or other sports as a team, reusable water bottles are a great option for promotional advertising. Employees are bound to use them on the day and you’ll get exposure when they take them home for use at a later date. Other suitable events include picnics, product launches, or team building seminars.

Choose the right design

A simple logo with readable text for contact information is ideal, as you want something clean and eye-catching. Cluttering the design with too much detracts from your most important message. Make sure your design reflects your company’s image through your use of colour, images and material choice. For example, a sleek aluminum design is great for a locksmith business, indicating durability, while bright colors and graphics are better for fashion brands that stock trendy styles.

Employee recognition and loyalty

Giving promotional water bottles to employees at corporate events not only shows your appreciation to them, but it also increases their loyalty to your company. This loyalty can improve corporate culture by giving employees a renewed sense of team spirit, increasing productivity and positive staff relations during teamwork. Employees will feel more satisfied and view their job as more than just a way to make money, it will become a part of their identity.

On corporate days when employees are split into teams, a great idea is giving different teams a certain color of water bottle. This can encourage some friendly competition for a more fulfilling day.

Water bottles are such a universal product that they’re bound to be a great match for any of your employees, making them a go-to choice for many companies. Being portable, they’ll advertise your company all around your local area and further afield, so get started on your next batch now.

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