Outpace the competition with “free” custom beverageware during the winter holidays

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Every business owner knows that the days around traditional and modern winter holidays and sales events are prime shopping times for consumers. Certain promotional strategies work better than others year after year, including free giveaway strategies.

These strategies help improve brand recognition, increase offline and online traffic, generate positive and trending public buzz and create customer loyalty. Business owners who have the most success with these strategies offer something unique yet useful to their customers.

To promote your business successfully with your own “freebie” strategy, why not think about investing in custom water bottles, tumblers, mugs, steins and other drinkware this holiday season? Custom beverageware guarantees success when utilizing the following two strategies:

Free gift with purchase

A free gift with the purchase of a product or service can entice members of your target market to buy when they’re on the fence. Shoppers are also less likely to return their purchases, when applicable, if they enjoy their free gifts as much or more than their purchases.

But why does custom beverageware win out over other types of popular free items like key rings and umbrellas? Although a customer might use a branded key ring throughout the day, it’s small size makes your logo less noticeable. Although you can solve this problem with an umbrella, your customers only then remember your business when it’s raining. As such, umbrellas can also cause people to associate a business with negative feelings related to dark and/or dreary wet days.

On the other hand, people often reuse custom coffee or travel mugs, for example, every day at home, work and play. Custom drinkware used to quench thirst or warm up someone on a rainy day creates positive associations, including encouraging individuals to stay healthy and hydrated, as well as scoring eco-friendly points.

Surprise extra in shipment

Most people love surprises, especially when those surprises offer them value. A surprise gift also immediately makes you appear more caring and more willing to go above and beyond your competition’s efforts to maintain long-term relationships with your customers.

During the holidays, plenty of people receive surprise gifts that they don’t need or want to own. Yet everyone uses drinkware. As a result, you’re more likely to create a positive impression when a customer opens up a package that you’ve sent to them and discovers the surprise that you’ve placed in the box.

If you don’t sell physical items, you can still take advantage of this strategy. Ship all of your customers follow-up custom beverageware “Thank You!” gift packages. If you have primarily local clients, drop off gifts at their mailboxes and front doors.

At Waterbottles.com, we understand that to stay competitive businesses need fresh ideas for creating more success with proven promotional strategies. To outpace the competition, contact our professionals today to help you choose one or more styles of attractive and memorable custom beverageware that best matches your brand and unique giveaway marketing strategy.

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