Making two impressions with one promotional giveaway

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It’s long been accepted that the effective use of promotional products can help keep your brand, company, product or service at the front of potential customers’ minds. They can deliver regular reminders, and can often be placed just where such memory joggers can be at their most useful. Therefore, a cup or mug can sit right there on the desk or work surface from which future orders for your company’s wares will be placed.

Therefore, it pays to think carefully about the actual message you place on such products. It might be a reminder, either through a visual image collage of your most popular items, or by an effective listing or memorable and descriptive slogan. Equally, the simplest idea might be to present both your logo and web address, perhaps your telephone number, big and bold, as an instant aid to that decision-making memory.

Equally, your marketing gifts of mugs, tumblers and cups can highlight and remind customers of changes to contact points, add new products or services and the like. The same is true of promotional water bottles.

Adding that vital second impression

The mention of water bottles is a valuable lead-in to another way your promotional presentations can be truly effective. Increasingly, the world is likely to focus on the re-use of such items. Businesses and organisations are going to have demands made on them to help ‘save the planet’, however trite that phrase can occasionally sound.

An example of this is one world-famous takeaway coffee shop chain who are testing the effectiveness of offering reductions on the cost of their products if customers bring in their own cups. Another similar action is to make a move to provide many more easily-accessed fill-up points in stores and buildings so that water bottles can be reused, rather than simply bought, emptied and chucked away.

Get ahead of the curve on this one

Here at, we’re sure theses actions are going to become increasingly common – and expected. Therefore, you can not only promote your business by using our reusable cups, mugs, water bottles, tumblers and the like, but, as you do so, let your customers know that you are also fully committed to helping to protect our precious environment.

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