Include custom tumblers among your trade show giveaways

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It is estimated that at least 80% of people who receive promotional giveaways always remember the name of the advertiser who gave the product to them. You should, therefore, step up your marketing efforts with branded custom promo tumblers for your trade shows.

As a company, we are sturdy advocates of staying hydrated and caffeinated at all times. There are several promo ideas you can include at your next conference, event, or trade show. Some include branded wristlets and felt-tip pens. However, at, we recommend the most unique, memorable, practical yet fun gifts that will easily convey your message.

While most people have the choice of which liquid fuel to get, the most challenging part is having the right kind of travel tumbler to help in this daily ritual. These tumblers can be helpful whether rushing from home to school, home to work, or office to the gym.

Tumblers are thoughtful items to add as giveaways or gifts because almost everyone needs them. They are easily customizable, and company logos can easily be printed on them. Most people keep and use them daily. No matter what tumblers mean to your business, they make an excellent handout to steer your brand awareness campaign. Similarly, this is a noble environmental initiative that is eco-friendly and reduces the unnecessary and harmful contribution to landfills and waste in the environment. Consequently, your company may earn tax credits for going green.

The benefits of custom tumblers do not end at being a mere container for holding a favorite drink but can also be used for watering plants, function as a pen holder or a versatile pot for displaying flowers.

Promotional gifts are always welcome in events, conferences, or even trade shows. They are a perfect way of connecting your salespeople with customers. A branded custom tumbler is among the many modern essentials that an average individual needs and prospects will appreciate its trendy, eco-friendly status. Contact today and learn how you can incorporate custom tumblers into your marketing efforts. Imprint your company’s logo and preferred message on the tumblers and watch how they capture your employees’, clients’ or customers’ attention each time they use them.

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