How to use custom water bottles for promotional purposes at car washes

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Whether you own a car wash business or plan to hold a car wash fundraiser and public awareness campaign, custom water bottles help increase traffic and sales and promote a business or organization. On hot days, plenty of people show up at car washes already extremely thirsty. At self-serve sites, they also build up a thirst by the time they’re done making their vehicles shine. By quenching their thirst, promotional water bottles that feature labels designed with the name, logo and colors of your business or organization along with a brand or fundraiser message create positive experiences for drivers and passengers that they continue to remember long after they’ve recycled your bottles.

Consider these methods for attracting customers at your car wash:

Indoor display

Many car wash owners also own nearby gas stations or payment booths that offer a small selection of beverages and snacks. Always make certain that your promotional water bottles are located in a prominent position: If you own a gas station, position them inside the station at the doors, cash wrap and cold beverage refrigeration area. With a booth, invest in a small refrigeration unit, position one or two on the counter to attract customers and then sell the cold ones.

Coin-operated dispenser

With self-serve and automated car washes, you can increase daily revenues by installing a water bottle and snack vending machine in a shady spot on the premises. A lot of people don’t expect these services and become loyal to businesses that go above and beyond in this way. Additionally, salty snacks increase thirst. Even if someone only buys snacks at first, they’re more likely to purchase something to drink after they start eating. To make the service fun and attractive, consider going retro with an old-fashioned, coin-operated refrigerator vending machine design.

Beverage and snack table

For small, roadside-sponsored car washes on hot days and weekends, set up a beverage and snack table in a shady spot or under a large umbrella or pop-up tent. Also, maintain coolers filled with your customized bottles nearby so that when traffic backs up you can send your brand ambassadors with backpacks filled with cold water out into the heat to sell car-to-car. If possible, offer people experiencing a breakdown free bottles: They will remember that kindness in the future and spread positive word-of-mouth advertising by merely sharing the story with members of their social networks.

In any of these scenarios, you should also consider investing in customized mugs and tumblers to put on display for sale next to your branded water bottles since a lot of drivers forget to bring along reusable beverage containers on hot days and long trips. Contact our sales team today for additional tips for promoting your brand and beating the heat with our inexpensive branded drinkware at the car wash.