How to ensure your company is the one they’ll remember

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One of the great possibilities inherent in designing your own custom water bottles and other drinkware is that you have a priceless opportunity to display your company’s panache and creativity for everyone to see. Sure, everyone can put their stylized logo on the side of a plastic bottle and think that they’ve really made a splash with everyone, but is this really true?

Actually, the answer is probably not.

You’re doing exactly what everyone else is doing. While this might be admirable from an HR standpoint, it isn’t actually accomplishing the presumed objectives of your advertising budget. You want to gain new clients. You want to impress the ones you already have. You want to make your employees and suppliers feel proud to be associated with you. In order to achieve any of these goals, you must aim at something a lot higher than just improving brand awareness at trade shows.

Celebrate the exceptional

You can rev up your promotional items in a number of ways. The first is to create specialized items in honor of exceptional achievements. Awarding special-color “Employee of the Month” promotional mugs would be one way to increase the desirability of these items. If everyone in the company gets a yellow mug but the high achiever gets a magenta one, you have truly signified your appreciation of their work in a way that is instantly tangible both to them and those around them. Producing a customized edition for participants in some project that required extra work or produced a massively superior result than anticipated would also be a nice way of saying thank you.

Stand out

As for getting product out into the general population, everyone already has a water bottle – either through picking one up at another booth or by taking one out of the caseloads that sit in their own warehouses. Your offering needs to be distinctive. It needs to be desired for its own artistic sake. You want amazing, shocking colors and startling artwork that will set it apart from everyone else’s products. Since you are going to spend money on this, do it up first class all the way. Create the bottle that everyone is going to hang on to, long after the lights go out in the exhibition hall.

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