How promotional water bottles increase your sales

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Circulating promotional items that contain your company logo, slogans and labels is considered one of the most effective ways of advertising. Although your choice of promotional item depends on your target audience, budget, and purpose of advertising, promotional water bottles remain the best promotional drinkware to give out to your customers and employees.

1. Meet a specific need

The three basic needs for human beings are water, food, and shelter. You can only last a few days without drinking water. As such, whenever you are giving your prospective customers a bottle of cool, fresh water with your slogan and logo on it, you’ll be actively meeting their basic needs while advertising your business.

2. Longer exposure time

The length of time you see a billboard ad depends on how fast you are driving. Commercial TV adverts last no more than one minute while printed ads rely on your speed of turning the pages, which is about three seconds. However, when you give someone your promotional water bottle, the exposure time is the length he/she will take to drink the water as well as how long they decide to keep hold of the bottle.

3. Put your prospective customer’s eyes on your company

“How do I get my target audience to read my message?” This is one of the major challenges that most professional marketers face. Generally, promotional water bottles come with a higher display capability that provides a large area of visibility for your logos, label, and slogans. As such, putting your company logo and message on promotional water bottles casts your brand directly into your prospect’s hands. This leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

4. Effective for many users

Individuals who always appreciate receiving promotional water bottles include runners, hikers, football players, dancers, athletes, commuters, gym and fitness instructors, students and all workers. Once you have branded these bottles, you’ll have a large market to promote your message and company to.

If you want to increase your business sales with a budget-friendly advertising campaign, promotional water bottles are best for promoting your services, introducing a new product and getting your business noticed.

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