How personalized coffee mugs can boost your startup

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A new business starting up may have limited options in choosing the best marketing strategy that will both create brand awareness and give them a competitive edge. If you are trying to promote your startup, personalized coffee mugs can make a lasting impression on your target audience.

A personalized coffee mug with your business tagline and logo is attractive and will make prospects easily grasp your marketing message. It has the potential of spreading your brand message beyond your business walls. A well-designed logo will catch the eyes of your audience and lead to brand exposure for many years to come. The following are ways in which personalized coffee mugs can promote your new business.

Aftersales gifts to your clients

You can reward your clients with the mugs as gifts to show them your appreciation and create loyalty. The customers will come back and refer other customers to your business, thereby increasing brand exposure. More customers mean an increase in revenue for the business.

Gift for employees

Employees are internal customers and your brand ambassadors. You can give a few mugs to your employees, who will then give them out to their families and friends, thus extending brand awareness to those people who have a direct connection to your business.

Use the mugs in your kitchen

Use the personalized coffee mugs in your office for both staffs and walk-in customers. Serving your clients with a steaming cup of coffee will draw attention to your brand and act as the perfect way to spread your message.

Display them in the office

You can use personalized coffee mugs to give your premises a greater, on-brand aesthetic. Display different colours and designs in strategic areas of your business where visitors can easily notice them. They’ll give any room a uniform, professional look and are sure to impress.

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