How custom water bottles can improve customers’ health and happiness

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Drinking water is essential to staying healthy, and yet many Americans don’t drink enough water – nearly half, according to one 2013 study, which found that 43% of Americans drank four glasses of water or fewer per day.

How can promotional water bottles increase your customers’ health?

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t drink enough water is simply because it’s not convenient. Purchasing single-use bottled water gets expensive quickly, not to mention being wasteful for the environment.

People are more likely to reach for a water bottle if it’s convenient. By providing custom water bottles, you’re making it easier for your customers to drink more water and, as a bonus, they’ll feel positively towards your brand – especially if the custom water bottle is a free gift! You’ll receive free advertising for your brand each time a customer uses their water bottle.

Why promotional water bottles, and not another product?

Many people don’t own water bottles, which is a likely factor in why they do not drink enough water. Water bottles are useful and practical, and they’re a big enough gift to make a customer feel special without straining your marketing budget. Additionally, they come in a huge variety of colors, sizes, shapes and styles, allowing you to pick the water bottles that are right for your customers.

How do I choose a promotional water bottle?

You know your customers best – are they athletic or health-conscious? On the go? High-powered executives? Always running from meeting to meeting? Concerned about appearances? These questions will help you determine the best product to purchase.

For athletic and health-conscious types, a sports water bottle may be the right answer. These are made of heavy-duty plastic and feature a straw to sip quickly. Health-conscious customers may also appreciate infuser bottles, which will allow them to infuse their drinks with fruit and herbs.

For executives and others who are concerned about their appearance, opt for a sleek bottle in stainless steel or glass. If you know your customers are travellers and always running from meeting to meeting, opt for a thermal bottle that can seamlessly transition from hot drinks to cold – all while looking great and spreading your name around. provides custom drinkware for all your marketing needs. Browse our selection today, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

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