Helping your customers to ‘open up’ in 2019

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We’re not talking in the emotional sense here! We already know how useful promotional mugs, water bottles, personalized coffee mugs and the like are for announcing or reminding people of your presence through regular branding, or for specific tradeshows or product launches. Here, we’re talking about providing that little extra. It’s something that people are likely to keep to hand, or in their pocket or purse.

It’s all about bottle openers!

These terrifically handy devices – it can be so frustrating when you can’t instantly lay your hands on one – are available in a wide range of styles; all with space for that vital company logo, slogan or specific reminder message. Here’s a quick look at three of the most popular choices we currently have available…

# Credit card shaped openers, such as our stainless option, could be slipped into the pockets in a purse or wallet. These really would catch people’s attention when produced at the appropriate moment!

# Where recipients might enjoy a glass of wine, our terrific 3 in 1 bottle opener, including that vital corkscrew, would surely be a welcome promotional gift.

# As with many of our other bottle opener choices, our so-useful Pop Light openers also function as a useful keychain.

A trio of possibilities for those on-the-move

Where you’d like to reflect the active lifestyle of your recipients, here are three fun ways to do so. Let’s start with our skateboard design, which even comes complete with mini-wheels! This would prove to be a great choice for a younger marketing audience, as would another fit-for-purpose option – our funky surfboard. Completing the trio of outdoor and active choices is the pure fun of our Sandal Bottle Openers.

The chance to amuse – and be of use – to those receiving your promotional gift

Other fun designs include guitars and horse heads, palm trees or a typical bartender style. Either as a stand-alone promotional offer, or added to another, such as wine or beer glasses, these thoughtful little gifts are likely to be both kept and used; keeping your message in front of your audience! You can browse all these choices and more right here at

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