Getting the right promotional drinkware for your event

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Any time you are planning an event where beverages will be featured, you have the chance to give your guests promotional drinkware so they remember the event and your brand. Every time they use your custom promo tumblers or other branded drinkware items, your company receives invaluable exposure.

Naturally, to be memorable for the right reasons, you’ll want to pick the drinkware that is the best fit for your event. The ideal choice for your event will depend on many factors, including the time of year, the beverages being served and the event’s tone.

If you’ve got coffee, you need mugs

Whether it’s a morning meeting or breakfast, personalized coffee mugs are a great choice for events where coffee and related hot drinks are a fixture. These mugs work well for hot cider or hot chocolate at cold weather events, too! People use mugs every day, so branded ones can get your message out there on a consistent basis long after your event is over.

Adult events call for party cups

Any informal event with adult beverages will benefit from custom party cups, tumblers, and other associated drinkware items. These colorful options call attention to your brand and its message as soon as they are used. If your event is more formal, you can still use branded drinkware to get your name out there with more upscale options such as branded flute glasses, pint glasses or wine glasses. Try out personalized mason jars or shot glasses to add a little flair to your event and get people talking.

Water is the name of the sports game

Whether your company is sponsoring a sports team, marathon or attending a game, you can provide the perfect keepsake for guests and help them keep their drinks cold at the same time with custom water bottles. As with the coffee mugs, people often use these types of bottles regularly for a long time after the event, meaning your brand gets repeat exposure at a relatively low one-time cost.

Custom drinkware is an affordable way to showcase your business and leave a lasting impression. If you haven’t yet explored this effective promo option, now’s the time.

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