Custom promotional drinkware guarantees that everybody knows your name

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It doesn’t matter if you own or run a full service bar, beer or wine bar, dive, college bar, sports bar, restaurant bar, hotel bar, pub, lounge or entertainment bar or nightclub, you need to advertise to attract new patrons. One of the best, low-cost advertising methods around is branded drinkware.

Reinforce brand recognition day and night

Repeated exposure to your brand makes it easier for your patrons to recognize and remember your establishment. In fact, as brand reinforcement from permanent custom promotional drinkware becomes part of your patrons’ routines, the repeated exposure guarantees that patrons are more likely to automatically associate their thirst, desire for group companionship and search for comfort and fun with a need to visit your bar. Those who take home free branded promotional water bottles and other types of drinkware that you give away at events continue to receive this reinforcement.

Expand your reach beyond loyal customers

Whenever you give loyal patrons and guests promotional drinkware that they can take home after social occasions hosted in your bar, such as anniversary, birthday and college graduation parties, political rally after-parties, sports events, themed drink days, funeral wakes and wedding receptions, you enjoy free advertising. Bar patrons often collect and re-use drinkware that’s personalized with a bar’s name and logo. For example, some people put collected shot glasses on display in their homes. What’s more, people often reuse branded mugs and water bottles in social situations, such as at work, when walking dogs or working out, while biking, hiking or running in a park and hanging out with loved ones at picnics. If a patron loves your establishment, they will even continue to use your custom promo tumbler or water bottle on business trips and vacations. offers plenty of inexpensive custom drinkware options for bars that are perfect for everyday use and events, including coffee mugs, beer mugs, flared pilsner glasses, shot glasses, champagne flutes, stemmed and stemless martini and wine glasses and tasters, goblets, red plastic party cups, and plastic, glass, metal and custom label water bottles. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you customize one or more styles. Call us today.