Custom drinkware helps realtors increase visibility and sales

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Realtors understand that any detail, no matter how small, helps to attract buyers and sellers and close sales. Businesses across industries often use promotional items like branded key chains, calendars and pens to establish and maintain connections to existing and potential customers and advertise their services. Many realtors have come to realize that branded drinkware is another incredibly powerful promotional tool. Consider these three ways that you can use branded drinkware at showings, open houses, office appointments, community events and follow-up meetings to subtly promote your business and create sales opportunities.

Hand out promotional water bottles

During a showing, open house or other event, people often feel overheated and thirsty. Instead of offering tap water in paper cups or generic disposable water bottles, make certain that everyone remembers your name even if they lose your business card or brochure by offering reusable water bottles that feature your name, the name of your firm and the company’s logo, contact details, and motto in bright colors. People who receive these bottles are more likely to hire you and recommend you to others because of the extra effort you put forth to help them feel comfortable. Afterward, each person will also remember you every time they use their bottle and promote your business wherever they use it.

Give away personalized coffee mugs

Personalized mugs are perfect for many reasons. People use coffee mugs to hold both drinks and small loose items like office supplies almost every day. When you display a branded mug on your desk, it advertises to any potential or existing clients who visit your office. Also, many people reuse mugs that they receive from businesses, especially if they receive brightly colored or large mugs. As a result, you might consider gifting mugs to potential and existing clients and others whenever possible. Every time that someone uses a mug that you gave them, they’re providing you with free attractive advertising. They’re also more likely to use a mug that you personalize with their name along with your business details. Another option: Fill mugs with other branded items and then hand them out at open houses and events. Since employees can provide you with the same advertising benefits, also consider giving personalized coffee mugs to employees as birthday, seasonal and work excellence gifts.

Offer long-lasting custom lidded tumblers

Additionally, people love lidded tumblers since they can use these travel containers to carry beverages easily on the go. If you’re meeting with a potential or existing client in your office, you might provide a hot or cold drink depending on the outside weather in an insulated custom tumbler and then tell the person that they can take the refilled tumbler with them when they’re ready to leave. This action presents you as kind and even neighborly. Also, you might offer high-quality tumblers to both parties filled with other promotional items or in a celebratory gift basket after you close a sale as your way of saying an additional “Thank you!” for their business. As with water bottles and mugs, you receive free advertising every time people reuse these tumblers in their everyday lives.

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