Cross promotion is easy with personalized coffee mugs

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One of the greatest and most cost-effective promotion angles is cross promotion. You can advertise for a company by using some of their merchandise or branded items, and they can do the same for your business. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through personalized coffee mugs.

Spread the word

When you have other businesses using your branded products, it increases your visibility. If you choose to use coffee mugs it is going to allow the person to advertise for you while they enjoy their coffee or use the mug for office supplies. Coffee mugs offer a greater amount of versatility and use than other products such as pencils and calendars. The logos and print are more visible and more likely to be seen as opposed to items that tend to have a small font or stay stationary normally. Coffee mugs are portable and grab the viewer’s attention. Eyes are naturally drawn to them and that makes it the perfect promotional item. Your personalized coffee mug will be more attractive for cross promotion than just about any other item.

Make it count

When thinking up a slogan or design for your personalized coffee mugs, make sure to make it catchy, or eye catching. Even something funny or witty is an excellent idea to create interest. Make the reader remember your product through clever advertisement and see your bottom line increase. Be sure to use bright colors and a bold font for greater visibility. If you are lucky, the other business helping you with your cross promotion will take a cue from you and offer your business some really fun coffee mugs in return. Almost everyone loves a good coffee mug. They are useful for other beverages or even as storage for office supplies such as pencils and paper clips.

When you want an efficient and fun way to advertise, think cross promotion. Get your personalized promotional coffee mugs with your special branding through for great prices and plenty of intriguing design options. With a little help from us, you can get your company noticed and give other businesses something fun to brighten up their work day. If you haven’t tried cross promotion yet, you should give it a try.