Beverageware can help teachers gain support for their fundraisers faster

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Many top online fundraisers understand that promotional text, photos and videos, content social sharing, targeted email blasts and TV or web interviews aren’t always enough to engage potential donors and convince them to help.

When you start an education-focused crowdfunding campaign online to raise funds for school-related purposes, such as for classroom supplies, field trips, sports equipment or academic projects, you need a little “extra” to make parents, business and community leaders and others take notice and donate. Custom promotional water bottles, mugs, tumblers and glassware work well for education-related fundraisers because they:

Promote school spirit and education

People in a community, especially parents, are more likely to support fundraisers that offer them the means to continue to give back to the school by promoting school spirit and education long after a fundraiser ends. Almost any product from our wide selection of custom beverageware, especially our low-cost sports bottles and discount water bottles give educators the ability to provide each donor with a branded item that continues to promote the school or an educational message year-round.

Parents are also more likely to support a fundraiser that offers a branded product that can help their children remember the importance of a good education. For example, a 20 oz. Light Bulb Tumbler with Straw immediately reminds students that they are capable of those same “Aha” and “Eureka” moments that they’ve read about in history books. From a fund-raiser perspective, Light Bulb Tumblers remind donors and anyone who sees them that well-funded educators are more capable of nurturing their students and lighting up their minds with possibilities.

Attract people who expect a high donation gift

Of course, there are always people who expect something in return for their good deed. It’s not that they’re bad people. They just become more motivated to give when there is an upfront benefit and a physical sign of gratitude that reminds them of their good deed and the good feelings that came with it. A “Thank you” card, certificate or even a statue or plaque just don’t work as well as custom beverageware. Top, high-dollar donors usually expect high-quality rewards. You can find plenty of splendid options among our customizable mugs, tumblers and glassware. These products are perfect for this purpose as either standalone “thank you” gifts or in combination with other items in top donor reward basket packages.

At, we know that teachers might consider the upfront cost of branded beverageware a bit too much when comparing that cost to their fundraising budgets. Our sales staff work with every client to find the best options from our product catalog that fit their needs and budget. Promotional water bottles and other drinkware represent a far more fantastic investment than most people realize. Leftover products can be used in future campaigns. Since the products also increase the number and size of donations, most teachers quickly recoup the upfront cost at the start of their campaign. Call today to ask for more information or help with making the first of your many promotional custom beverageware bulk purchases.

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