A personalized coffee mug: sign of loyalty and desktop billboard

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You see them all around. Coffee mugs and tumblers with name brands or personal messages. They act as a sign of loyalty to those who proudly display them on their desks. It could be their favorite sports team or a picture of a cute animal. It could be a funny phrase like, “I’m not old, I’m….” The sky’s the limit.

Coffee mugs can also become a desktop billboard. It can advertise national brands or local businesses. They sit proudly on consumer’s desks and family’s counters. People can’t help but look. We are a curious bunch.

So why not give a gift to your consumers that will constantly and consistently advertise your company? Free is a good thing for your consumers. And, virtually free advertising for you, after the initial cost of the mugs, is a good thing for you. Here are some suggestions on how best to get this done.

First, design a mug, with your logo, that will really catch someone’s eye. Make up two or three designs and let your people critique them. Make sure this mug is so unique and beautiful that people would want to display it proudly.

Next, choose a mug that is sturdy and really usable. Men usually appreciate a mug in which they can insert three fingers through the handle. Women usually appreciate smaller handles. Perhaps two different sizes of mugs can accommodate your consumers.

Next, have a reception at your business and invite your partners and consumers. As they enjoy some delicious finger foods, tell them that the mug is their gift from you. Highlight the mug’s usability and practicality to subtly encourage them to use it in their day-to-day life, without drawing attention to the fact that it’s promotional for your company.

Finally, follow up in a month with another reception to give away another promotional item. Maybe this time it could be a coaster that would serve as a pedestal for your “billboard” mug. Make sure it is good quality. This could be the least expensive but the most effective way to advertise your business.

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