5 ways to use promotional water bottles to market your brand

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Promotional water bottles are a perfect way to spread the word about your brand. Custom printed water bottles with logo designs are quite useful marketing tools and also quite affordable.

Therefore, how can custom water bottles help you increase your brand awareness? Here are five ways to do so.

1. Personalize your water bottles for select customers

One ideal way to show your appreciation to your unique customers, such as those who place large orders, is to get them personalized water bottles. Get them individual pieces which they will value. Such considerations will keep them loyal while spreading the word of your brand.

2. Give the promotional water bottles away at charity runs

If you participate in charity runs such as a 5K, donate sports water bottles. Runners will appreciate the free water bottles and such a move will get your brand out there while you give to a good cause.

3. Give the bottles out as limited freebies

You can make individual event water bottles and give them away while running promotions in your store or online. When you offer them for a limited period or a limited number, you could get potential customers interested in your brand.

4. Give the bottles to the local sports team

Participants at a sports event always need water. If there is a team in your locality, donate plenty of bottled water to them. If you have unique water bottles and you ensure each team member gets one, they will serve as excellent brand ambassadors.

5. Use the water bottles as social media giveaways

If you offer to give the first 100 or so people to share your post a custom water bottle, you will get more eyes on your posts while at the same time getting your promotional item in the hands of potential customers.

Custom water bottles can be used to promote your brand in many unique ways. You should be sure to have water bottles that people will love. When they hang on to them, they will take your brand’s message to potential customers.

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