5 ways to make the most of promotional mugs and water bottles

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Promotional drinkware such as mugs, water bottles, and tumblers can serve as a valuable addition to your marketing materials—but you need to make sure you’re using them to fullest effect. It’s easy to throw money away on poor designs that don’t do the job and waste your opportunity. To make the most of your promotional items, make sure you keep these five tips in mind:

1) Tailor to your audience. What sort of prospects do you plan to give your promotional mugs or promotional water bottles to? Mugs and bottles are both useful, but different audiences will use each to a different degree—think about your targets, how they’ll receive the item, how they might use it. Marketing without any attempt to tailor to the recipients isn’t worth investing in.

2) Impact. It’s easy to look ‘past’ a mug over and over again unless there’s something truly interesting on it. Make sure you put some thought into graphic design and make your drinkware truly ‘pop’, or it won’t serve to reinforce your marketing, branding, etc. You want people to see the promotion, not just ‘a mug’ or ‘a water bottle’.

3) Prominent information. If someone sees one of your promotional items and gets curious, will they be able to see what they need to see to take action? A phone number, a website, a social media page? For a tech-savvy audience, you might even add a QR code to your promotional item design. You want to make it as easy as possible for an interested person to take action—whether it’s the initial recipient of the item, or a third party that happens to see it.

4) Make them matter. If you really want your promotional drinkware to leave an impression, you need to add some ‘weight’ to how they receive the item. It can actually improve results to limit the supply or make people jump through a hoop or two to receive your promo items; the investment of effort increases the perceived value, which means they’ll pay more attention to the item later.

5) Quality. Cheap, shoddy items aren’t something you want associated with your business; it’s not worth it to cut corners too much, even on something relatively cheap and disposable like a water bottle. Good drinkware sticks around for years; bad drinkware goes to the back of the cupboard and stays there.

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