4 tips for creating a successful marketing campaign with custom water bottles

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The in-thing in marketing today is the use of promotional products like drinking bottles, promotional mugs, and custom tumblers. According to market research, distribution of these promotional products has proved to be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. They’re cost effective because people who receive them hold on to and reuse them for a long time. Here are four tips on how you can tap into the popularity of custom water bottles for successful business promotion.

1. Treat the bottles as promotional tools first

This means you must ensure that your business name, logo and any relevant information is imprinted on the bottle. Ensure that the print is easy to read (with no color clashes). Easy to read also means that the writing should be legible from a few meters away. Yes, you hope that holders of your promotional water bottles are regular clients, but that is no reason not to try and get new people to learn about your products too. Think of your custom water bottles as handheld billboards, except that they will be mobile.

2. Think about your distribution strategy

How and when do you plan on distributing your promotional water bottles? Will you be giving them out at an event or from a booth? Are the people who are distributing them around knowledgeable enough about your business and products? What else are you giving out at the same time? Coming up with a distribution strategy will ensure that your promotional bottles end up in the right hands, quite literally.

3. Quality vs quantity

You are better off giving out 100 high-quality custom water bottles than 1000 poor-quality ones. While this sounds like a no-brainer, some businesses tend to compromise on quality either in the form of actual bottles or personalization or, worse, both. Customized products are meant to create a positive feeling in the people who use them. They are useless if they fail to achieve this. If you distribute poor-quality water bottles, people will get the impression that you love cutting corners in pretty much every aspect of your business. In this case, your promotional products will work against you.

4. A call to action

Be sure to include a clear call to action on every bottle. This could be in the form or an invitation to visit the business’ website, social media page, call a number or send an email message.

Many things can be customized, and many customized things can be used for business promotion. But some are greater. Custom water bottles are among those that are truly effective and of great value to customers. Keep these tips in mind when using custom water bottles in your marketing campaign.