4 advantages of custom water bottles

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Are you tired of giving away key chains, note pads, pens, and many other advertising alternatives with minimal response? Custom water bottles use advanced technology within the digital printing industry to offer a cost-effective way to promote new products and businesses. They give your company or business a quick way to reach out to your prospects.

1. Instant brand recognition

Custom water bottles grant your company an ideal opportunity to communicate with your consumers whenever they spot your logo. This is because they establish a brand that uniquely resonates with them. This is why popular company logos are easily recognized throughout the world, irrespective of the text used on them. For instance, most people immediately recognize McDonald’s fast food business whenever they see its famous yellow arch logo.

Moreover, your promotional gift helps your clients recall your business well into the future. Studies show that about 89% of consumers can quickly remember the advertiser of a unique promotional item they had received in the previous two years.

2. Low-cost marketing

Most companies keep the prices of their promotional products very low to cut down on costs while ensuring there is mass distribution. Through mass distribution, they get to have a significant impact on the majority of their recipients without spending much.

3. Your business card

A custom water bottle functions more or less like your business card. People can easily remember your business as well as your services if they get to see your company logo whenever they use your promotional water bottle.

4. Social responsibility

Custom labels on water bottles are perfect gifts that can help not only to increase brand awareness but also ensure your prospects stay hydrated throughout the year. As a result, your company will be advocating healthy living because it encourages people to drink more water.

These water bottles reduce the amount of waste dumped in various locations since they can be reused. Therefore, giving your employees, clients and investors customized water bottles promotes your products, services, and values while reducing environmental pollution.

Consider using custom water bottles to advertise your business without actively doing any marketing.

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