3 industries that can benefit from promotional water bottles

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Promotional items are a very effective way to draw in new clients or say thank you to ones that have already been a big part of your business. Today you can turn almost anything into a promotional item, but custom water bottles are a very versatile option that works well for many different types of business. Everyone loves receiving promotional water bottles, because they’re convenient and help you stay hydrated. Promotional water bottles can also be a very effective part of your branding strategy. If you work in one of the following three industries, here’s how you can use them to appeal to your clients.


When you’re out on the field or in the gym, it’s important to replenish your body with water frequently. Promotional water bottles make an excellent gift with a purchase for athletic brands, because they are something that your customers can easily make use of during their daily workouts. For this marketing strategy, be sure to opt for a lightweight bottle that’s easy to carry around – no one wants to lug a heavy bottle back and forth during a workout.


If your company’s products and branding focus on taking care of the planet, a reusable water bottle is something that will definitely be of interest to your customers. Plastic water bottles result in a huge amount of unnecessary waste every year that’s very preventable. A custom water bottle with a sleek, minimalist design is something your customers will love, and it will help them feel good about the way they’re treating the planet.


When you look up basic health tips, one of the first ones on the list is always ‘drink more water’. If your brand makes health products or offers medical services, consider investing in promotional water bottles for your clients. They are a great way to improve your brand recognition, and promotional water bottles are a good way to encourage your patients to stay hydrated.

You can order custom water bottles in many different designs and colors, and you can add your logo as well. These items make excellent client gifts or promotional items for events and sales, and they’re a perfect way to enhance your brand image as well.

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