3 important things to consider when selecting your promotional drinkware

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Drinkware is quickly becoming one of the most essential promotional tools for all manner of businesses. The fact that there’s plenty to choose from with regard to mugs and bottles means there’s always something for every business. It must be stated, however, that selecting a mug isn’t just a question of picking one of the available options and hoping it works. There are three important things a business must consider to ensure their choice is as effective as possible.

1. Type of drinkware

Promotional mugs have been the go-to drinkware of choice for many years. Nevertheless, despite their timeless appeal, businesses have other more innovative options such as glasses, sports bottles, tumblers, beakers for children etc. The target audience might prefer a particular type of drinkware over another, or appreciate having variety. Whatever the preference might be, a business must be ready to cater for it.

2. The print

Typical promotional drinkware usually features the logo along with the business name and contact details. Such a practice guarantees that people won’t notice it. In order to increase the promotional value, a business should aim to improve the print design so as to capture a person’s attention.

One can do this by ensuring it is unique while still being simple. This can be achieved through creative use of color and contrast. One should also incorporate smart copy through adding funny lines or pop culture references that will resonate with people. This ensures that your brand leaves an indelible mark in their memory.

3. The target audience

The target audience will determine the kind of drinkware a business procures. A target audience that comprises children might prefer securely fastened bottles and mugs, while one that comprises adults may prefer simple mugs for the office, for example. The business, therefore, has to do thorough research of its audience to understand what their needs are.

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