20 oz Chill Thermal Insulated Mug

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Product Description

If you're a fan of cups that can't keep your drinks warm or cool, then you are going to hate this thing. Some people are fine going through life with thermal cups that don't make the cut, but this one just plain isn't made for them.

Thanks to its smart vacuum insulation, this little stainless steel world wonder of a tumbler packs 8 steady hours of heat and 16 long hours of coolness. Whether it's iced tea or green tea fresh from a rolling boil, the insulated tumbler is committed to keeping the temperature consistent.

Are you a big fan of lids that you have to wrestle off of the cup before the contents soak your clothes and anything under you? Sorry to disappoint you if you are, because this cup has a clear push-on swivel lid that basically makes that experience impossible. This stainless steel tumbler is 20 ounces of immaculately double-walled, well-insulated awesomeness, available in one of four fashionable colors.

Please refer to EE-Frost for an alternative.

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