11" Square Promotional Vase

SKU: EE_"11""_square_vase"


Product Description

  • At 11”, this glassware leaves much room for any type of beverage—water, juices, smoothies, name your pick!
  • This square vase is so fashionably designed with its combination of curves and edges.
  • This glass’ built—a combination of single wall and solid, leveled base—gives off a just-right weight and stability.
  • Print on your café’s or restaurant’s logo on this custom glassware, and stock up your shelves. They’re good to go in serving your patrons their beverage picks.
  • Its square shape is so chic that it’s also ideal as a souvenir or collectible item.

Item Colors

    Additional Information

    • Production Time: 5 Days, 7 Days
    • Minimum Quantity: 48